So, why are you different from other video people?

We don’t just “Shoot Video”. For us, it’s so much more than that. We aim to capture your unique story in a compelling way that makes people want to watch it. Because after all, if you’re going to make a video, you want people to actually view it so they can get to know you, visit your store and ultimately purchase your product/service. If it’s just another “boring video”, there’s a good chance it will be lost in the clutter and will not lead to increased sales.

Why is the video only 1-2 minutes long? We have a lot to say! How about 6-7 minutes?

If your promo video is too long, it has the potential to discourage people from watching it in the first place. Having a short, concise video not only consolidates your key features, it can also increase the number of views while helping you to be more disciplined and focus on the most critical information only.

Why would I want you to film me? I have a Flip HD camera you know.

In the right hands, the Flip HD can produce some good results but our filming is more than just taking a handheld camera and shooting video. We craft an effective story using professional audio and video equipment to ensure your company is seen in a positive light.

How long would it take for you to film my business?

Most business promos can be filmed entirely in 3/4 to 1 day.

What do I do for customer testimonials, how long will that take? 

Typically most business owners will incentives their customers to take time out of there schedule and share their experience for the video. It can be in the form of a discount, gift card and free item. Most customer’s that have had a positive experience with you business don’t need any incentive, it’s merely a way of thanking them for their time. The actual filming of the customer testimonial only takes 10-15 minuets making it very convent for a customer to stop in your place of business during lunch or a convenient time during their schedule.

How long does it take for me to see the video, once filming is over?

The post production process typically takes 1-2 weeks, although rush services are available for an additional fee. Once we have an initial edit completed, we’ll provide you with a private link to view the video. After your team has reviewed the video, we can make any minor adjustments and upload the final cut to the internet.

Is a video really that important?

YES actually it is. A video can give you a huge point of differentiation , inform/educate your customers and make a dramatic difference in sales conversion

Can I just shoot my own video?

Sure you can, but should you? The video along with your site and marketing materials have to be consistent with the branding image you want to portray, our style and format can provide a professional representation of your company.

Is the filming day difficult?

It actually is a lot of fun. The interviews are conducted in conversational format so you don’t have to practice any lines or ready off a script and the filming footage is done in a non-obrustive way so you can conduct business as usual as we film your business processes.

How long is the film day?

We’ll spend 4-6 hours filming and interviewing over the course of the day, and  it’s a fun experience, so the day will go by pretty quickly.

Can you use my video footage and edit it?

Unfortunately not, a big portion of what we do best is film with our equipment and look for unique things and creative angles that give us the most flexibility in crafting your video. On film day we are more than willing to look at some of your existing footage and provide some insight into how you can use it for other video content creation.